Divination: Rooster

Rooster year people are deep thinkers, capable, talented and often eccentric.  They are usually
loners and can give the impression of being adventurous, but are timid by nature.  

Their emotions can swing very high and very low, they can be selfish and too opinionated to the
point of hurting other people’s feelings, but can be very courageous and candid.

There are two very distinct types of Roosters: the loquacious show-offs and the silent observers.  
Both are organized, precise, aware, principled and direct.

This first type of Rooster loves to argue and be the center of
attention; they like to show everyone how smart they are; they
like to hear themselves crow.  

They are critical and blunt to the point of being brutal, yet
dislike being on the receiving end.  They hate being wrong and
will go to great lengths to discredit enemies.  

Beware of the Rooster in situations that require tact and
diplomacy, for the Rooster lacks these qualities. Though for all the showmanship and grandeur,
the Rooster is not very self-assured.  The act is more an affirmation of self
than attack on someone else or actual belief in their own superiority.

The other Roosters may also be overly serious and self-contained, more solitary than their
ostentatious counterparts. These Roosters tend to be extremely eccentric, bookworm-ish and
singularly focused in their search for perfection (a quest they share with the louder Roosters).  

Roosters are generally sincere in their desire to help other and mean well, though they can come
on a bit strong. They can be brave and chivalrous when put to the test. They are hard-working
dreamers, full of drive and good will; they are destined to success.

Convictions can lead to a closed mind to differing views, Roosters are innately inquisitive,
competitive, intelligent and efficient.
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