We've signed the pledge, have you? Let's get to 200,000 pledgers!

Send us your number and we'll post it too!

Also in the news, Rowling is going to
publish another short story on Pottermore.  This one will
be Halloween-themed and Umbridge will play a role in it.  

She's also building Hagrid's Hut on her property to match the Hogwarts-esque treehouses she
has...no joke.  
Check it.  I'm not even going to lie - I'm a little jealous.  ;)

And you should vote in the
People's Choice Awards.  At this point, you're voting for the
nominees until Oct. 30.  Next up on Nov. 4 you can vote for the winners.  And not that I'm telling
you who to vote for, but you should write in The Quest at least under Favorite Competition
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You have to watch this!  It's fantastic.

Rupert Grint, our favorite Ron, filmed a TV pilot.  For some reason, unknown to anyone who
watches it, the series wasn't picked up, but the creator asked that the episode air online.

It's great.  It has heart and a moral center, unlike every other piece of crap on TV.

We should unleash the power of the Potter fans on CBS and get them to pick up the series!
14 October 2013
You can vote for who you want to be nominated for a People's Choice Award.

Emma is up for Fav. Comedic Actress.  Go
vote now.

We watched
Bling Ring and Perks and they were both much better than I expected.  Emma is like
stupid good.

If you're really curious as to how good she is, check out clips on YouTube from the show
then watch Emma as Nicki from Bling Ring.  

She's got that girl's accent and manner down to a T!

Also, a big congrats to Prince George on his christening and to our own little prince James!  Well
done, both of you!
24 October 2013
Emma is up for Fav. Comedic Actress.  Go vote now.

Happy Birthday to Auntie! And a belated Happy Birthday to RGW!!!

You have to see this video.  It's awesome!  If it doesn't start right away skip to the 54 second
28 October 2013
Emma is up for Fav. Comedic Actress.  Go vote now.
29 October 2013
Emma is officially nominated for Fav. Comedic Actress in the People's Choice Awards.  Go vote
now...or else.

Rupert Grint's play
Mojo opened on the West End.  Congrats to him!  More here.

And congrats to all the NYC Marathon finishers!
5 November 2013
Go vote for Emma & Percy Jackson & Taylor ... ;)

So apparently last night there was a fundraising event at Leavesden official Harry Potter Studio
Tour.  It was called Lumos and it was attended by JK Rowling, Emma Watson, Warwick Davis,
Evanna Lynch, Alan Rickman - and other people.  

I wonder if it was at all emotional for them to be reunited (at least partially) in a place they
called home for so many years after so long being a part.

Makes me a little sad to think about...I hope they hugged each other.  =D
10 November 2013
Today we remember all those who've fought for freedom.

Today we thank our true heroes.

Thank you to all our veterans and active service members.  Your bravery and honor will live on
and always be remembered.  
You will always be remembered.

Books & Wands
11 November 2013
Go vote for Emma & Percy Jackson & Taylor ... ;)

Check this out, the new trailer for Emma's new movie
Noah - Percy Jackson himself is also in it! ;)
15 November 2013
So Emma's fans have been called out by Jennifer Aniston's fans online.  They are doing
everything in their power to steal this Comedic Actress Award from Emma.  That is not
acceptable!  We will prevail, but you must remember to vote!  Every vote counts.  Do not let the
Faniston's win!  

vote for Emma!

In honor of the release of
Catching Fire, check this out:

And for the nay-sayers: Boom! Ben as Batman!
22 November 2013
Emergency Emma fans!  Emergency!  I've just received word that we are behind Jennifer Aniston
by a lot.  We need to keep voting.  You don't even have to go through the entire thing.  Just click
on the Comedic Actress category and vote for Emma.

You can click either previous or next category and then go back to Emma's to have it reset and
count as a new vote.  Personally, I vote all the way through once and then vote for Emma and
Taylor Swift in the Country Artist category like a hundred times!

vote for Emma!

Also, congrats to Taylor for all her wins at this year's AMAs.
25 November 2013
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Happy Hanukkah too!

If you don't celebrate either of those, have a great day anyway!

Have a little Potter humor to celebrate:

    (pic courtesy of @Elder_Wand)
Team B&W
28 November 2013
Go vote for Emma!

Voting closes this week and we are currently behind Jennifer Aniston.  This cannot be allowed
to stand!

Prepare for battle, dear readers, because it is on!  Like the proverbial Donkey Kong!

Go vote, vote repeatedly & often!  Vote obsessively, like me! ;)
4 December 2013
Today we remember Pearl Harbor - those who were lost, those who survived & those who
became heroes.

7 December 2013
For the record, we did see Catching Fire.  I thought it was great - not as good as the first, but still
great.  RGW liked it, but thought the first was way better.  And my sister, the one who started
me reading this series, kind of hated it.

It was actually very accurate to the book.  It was a little long (around 2.5 hours), but it really
kept true to the novel.  I think the worst cut was having Katniss learn of the existence of District
13 earlier on.  And their biggest mistake was having the gamemakers spin the cornucopia to
confuse the victors, only to have them still know exactly where they were going after it spun.

RGW is Team Peeta all the way and didn't like that Katniss & Gale get a few kisses in, but I
didn't think it was that bad.

All in all, I was tense when I needed to be, tearful when it was appropriate & horrified by the
arena.  And I wanted to see it again as soon as it was over.

I think they did a great job.  I highly recommend it.
8 December 2013
So Rupert, Bonnie & Emma have all donated shoes to be auctioned off to charity.  I think it's
incredibly cute & sweet of them.  You can bid on ebay.  This is the link for

Emma is also appearing in and guest editing the February issue of
Wonderland Magazine.  She
posted some behind the scenes images today.  You can check them out

And then there's this explosion of awesomeness!  That's Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke, Emma
Thompson, Tom Hanks & the cast of
Saving Mr. Banks singing "Let's Go Fly a Kite"!

I felt bad so here are the links to all their shoes on auction for
Small Steps Project:

Bonnie:                                          Rupert:                                                      Dan:

Emma:                                                                                            Taylor Swift:
10 December 2013
Happy Birthday, Dad!

On the HP front: they've redesigned the covers for the UK editions.  You can see them

Emma visited a hospital today and took pictures with some patients.  She's entirely lovely.

Taylor Swift was sung to by all of Perth, Australia for her birthday.  She loved it.

Hangout with Peter Jackson, Evanegline Lilly, & Richard Armitage.  Peter's hair drives
me nuts, but I love Evanegline's.
11 December 2013
The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug was awesome!

That dragon, and you get a whole lot of dragon, was so incredibly realistic there was actually a
moment when I forgot that it was CGI and it really scared me!

I had my eyes closed for the spider part which was longer than I needed but I was told was
actually cut down from what it was in the book.

Can't decide if I like Tauriel, the newbie.  But I was reminded of my love for Legolas, even
though he's kind of almost mean in this one.  And yet both elves, as all elves should be, are total

Once again, Martin Freeman proves he was perfectly cast.  And Bombur is the biggest scene
stealer in the whole movie.

Want to go again! A++
16 December 2013
Harry Potter is set to hit the London stage in 2015!

That's right folks!  JKR is collaborating with a playwright to tell the story of Harry as a young
orphan being raised by his unloving Aunt & Uncle.

The news has been announced today from a variety of sources & JKR herself posted comments
to her personal Facebook page.

AOL's story.



Potter fans rejoice, it looks like Rowling's not about to give up on the Wizarding World just yet.  
Hopefully, these new takes (the play & the new movies) on the world we love will be just as
good as the original series.
20 December 2013
So sorry to report the news that author Ned Vizzini has passed away.

He had published many articles in the Times & the New Yorker.  He was a successful author,
It's Kind of a Funny Story, Be More Chill, & The Other Normals before teaming up with
director Chris Columbus to pen the
House of Secrets trilogy.  He worked as a screenwriter on the
MTV series
Teen Wolf, ABC's Last Resort and most recently for NBC on Believe.

It's Kind of a Funny Story and House of Secrets had the movie rights sold.  It's Kind of a Funny
was filmed in 2010 starring Emma Roberts & Zach Galifianakis.  

He is survived by his parents, his brother & sister, and his wife & son, Felix.  Our thoughts &
prayers go out to them today.  This truly hurts our hearts.  He was so
gracious & kind to us on Twitter, we consider him a friend.

"Love leaves a memory no one can steal."  

With love & respect,
Ril, RGW & Team

For more info:        NY Times                ABC News
21 December 2013
Emma Thompson appears in Parade Magazine and Variety to promote Saving Mr. Banks.

Smart, insightful, classy & funny lady.  And we're very excited to see this movie.

We hit 1,000 followers on Twitter!  Thanks to everyone who follows!
22 December 2013
Merry Christmas everyone!  

We'd just like to say thank you to all of you.  Thanks for sticking with us, supporting us and
geeking out with us!  

(And if you don't celebrate Christmas...have a great day anyway! ;)

Love from,
Ril, RGW & Team
25 December 2013
It's New Year's Eve!  Woot! Woot!  

All the best,
Ril, RGW & Team
31 December 2013
May you have health, wealth & happiness in 2014!  

Thanks for the support this year.  You guys are the best!!
Over 1114 (on 1/11/14) followers on Twitter now and still growing.

We've also been mentioned in the Richard Armitage Daily online newspaper as a contributor.  
Richard Armitage is the actor behind Thorin in
The Hobbit movies and his fansite
richardarmitage.net runs the paper.
11 January 2014
Some of our favorites from the Golden Globes!  Congrats to Jennifer Lawrence!!

Good news on the TV front: the series
24 will be back in May for a 12 part run.  You can read

Kiefer Sutherland is back as Jack Bauer who is of course being hunted by the CIA 4 years after
the events of the final episode.
14 January 2014
Song recommendation: Pantomime by Ben Hammersley and Emma freakin' Watson!

She sings the backing vocals about 2 minutes in.

In other news, they are getting closer to finishing the extension on the Potter Park in Universal
Studios and had Neville, Luna, Seamus and the Weasley Twins there to help Celebrate Harry

I just want to go play and ride the Hogwarts Express!
25 January 2014
Emma's covers and guest edit of Wonderland Magazine will be out on February 7.


Taylor at the Grammy Awards - she should have won!  Her performance was amazing!

And in other side news: there was a Potter kid on Sherlock last night!  
Alfie Enoch the kid who
plays Dean Thomas in the movies guest starred in one of the cases Sherlock & John needed to
solve.  Way to go, Potter kids!
27 January 2014
If you've read the headlines and are wondering what our opinion is, we've pre-ordered our
copy of the
Wonderland Magazine that has the source article all these other articles are
excerpting and quoting.

We're reserving our opinion until we read it in full. ;)

4 February 2014
Happy Birthday, Danielle!

Emma's going to star in
Regression, a film by Alejandro Amenábar who also directed The
.  She stars alongside Ethan Hawke.  The film is set to be released in 2015.

Read more
here.  Emma Watson: Taking over America, one movie at a time. ;)
5 February 2014
We've been live tweeting our reading of our friend Tom Sailer's The Chronicles of a Harry
Potter Fan

Today we have a completed book review, including pictures I still have
from the project we sent to Emma for her birthday.  Check it out and check
out the book.

Read it
20 February 2014
A little over a week ago my older brother passed away - very suddenly & unexpectedly from a
heart attack.  Today is his birthday.  

To our big brother:

We love you.  You will always be with us.   You will forever be a part of this family.  Mommy &
Daddy are heartbroken, but we’ll find a way to get through this together.  You leave behind so
many who loved you for years.  You were blessed with love, as we were all blessed with you.  

You were the best big brother a kid could ask for…Danielle got to get in trouble with you, and
you always took the blame for her.  I got sheltered and defended.  We were all driven insane by
you at times, but there isn’t a thing any of us wouldn’t do just to hear you ramble on about cars
or those RC quad copters again.

Thank you for always being there.  Thank you for your
consideration and your toleration.  Thank you for the love
and the fun and the good times.  Thank you for being with
us through the hard times.  And thank you for never really
letting anyone of us down.  

You are a collection of random information and special
skills, but you are uniquely and adamantly your own man.

Our hearts are engraved with your name, your voice will be in our ears, and our minds will
forever echo your memory.

I don’t know how to end this, because I can’t say goodbye.  For me, you will always be in
Florida.  Rollerblading to work at the coffee shop, swimming well into the night, biking,
dancing, chasing storms, building cars and copters and light kits, detailing – doing all the things
you love.  Always smiling, never in pain.  Always the smartass, never giving in.  Always with
us, never far from reach.

Danielle found this poem that is totally appropriate.

    A Fisherman’s Prayer
    God grant that I may live to fish,
    Until my dying day,
    And when it comes to my last cast,
    I then most humbly pray,
    When in the Lord’s safe landing net,
    I’m peacefully asleep,
    That in his mercy I be judged,
    As big enough to keep.

I only wish we could have kept you longer.

There will never be a day, Chance, when you are not thought of and loved.

With love always.

If you pray, please say one for him today.  I’ll be making a donation to
St. Jude’s in his name as
21 February 2014
So yay for Emma at the Oscars.  She looked great.  

There is a lot of controversy over
Noah, even disclaimers at the end of some of the TV spots,
because of the environmental themes in the movie.  

Some crazy Christians think that God doesn't want the Earth taken care of by humans so they're
flipping out that those "modern" themes were interjected into the bible story.  This report is
from some nice Christians who've actually seen the film.  As usual, it's all blown out of

Thanks to Grace Hill Media for sharing the link.  Read the article

And a very special thank you to all of you for the prayers and well-wishes for my family.  It
means a lot.
10 March 2014
The premiere of Noah was held in Berlin yesterday.

Here's Emma introducing a new trailer for the film.
14 March 2014
For those of you who don't follow our Twitter (which you should because we're very funny),
we've been live tweeting our reading of the new young adult
fantasy book

Today, we have the full
review up for everyone to read.

The book is part one of a series and it makes for a very good
18 March 2014
House of Secrets 2 is out and we are pleased to report we are awaiting our copy in the mail as
we speak.

In the meantime, check out these stories...

Apparently, it's a slow news week because several major newspapers like the
Daily News and Us
are reporting that they've just discovered that the Fantastic Beasts movie JK Rowling is
working on will be a trilogy - could've sworn we already knew that...?  

And amidst all the strife & controversy,
Noah premiered at Number 1 bringing in $44 million.  It
cost $125 million to make so they've still got a ways to go, but it seems negative press works
almost as well as positive press when releasing a movie.  

    Read more Rowling here.                                      Read more Noah here.
31 March 2014
Good news today that is not a joke or prank, to our knowledge ;), Book 7 of Ridley Pearson's
Kingdom Keepers is being released.

A rough draft of the first 30 chapters and the cover have already
been revealed to the public, but today the finished book finally
goes on sale.  This one,
The Insider, is the last installment in the
KK series and the end promises to be epic.

Go check it out:         
Hardcover        Nook        Kindle

RGW can't wait to get her hands on it!
1 April 2014
Today is a day of celebration!  No, forget tax day.  This is the most magical birth date ever!

It's a special day for Emma Watson, Emma Thompson and... US!  Happy Birthday to
Books &
!  Happy Birthday to Emma squared.  And thank you to all of our dear readers who keep
us going!  You should have yourselves a cupcake today to celebrate. =D

Our gift to you, our wonderful friends, is the official B&W review of
Kingdom Keepers 7: The

check it out and give us a like, follow or shoutout on Facebook and Twitter today!

And thank you, sincerely, for all the support.
15 April 2014
In honor of Earth Week, we went GREEN!  You can too!  Check out cool ways you can help the

We always switch off power strips, recycle & do laundry in cold water.  How do you live green?
23 April 2014
We tweeted our friends at Potted Potter to see if they'd be coming back to NYC this summer.  
They replied that they couldn't make it to New York because they're working on a new show,
Potted Sherlock - to premiere at the Edinburgh Fringe Fest this summer.
6 May 2014
Emma Watson graduated Brown University this weekend!  Read more here.
26 May 2014
I literally was locked out of my computer for a few days, but now I'm back!

Here are a few items we've picked up through social media:

Rupert Grint is in Brussels filming his new movie

The first still from Emma's new movie
Regression (which hits theaters in 2015) has been posted
to imdb.com.

And JK herself made news by giving her two cents in the debate for Scottish independence.  She
wants Scotland to remain within the UK.  People questioned the validity of her comments based
on the fact that she was born & raised in England.  She said questioning a person's lineage was a
little too "Death Eaterish" for her.  HA!

Moonwalkers                 Regression                                              JK's Scotland Stance
12 June 2014
Just wanted to let everyone know that we are now up to 1776 followers and I'm in love with that
because I'm a history nerd!

Special thanks to our followers.  Truly the best twitterers in the world!
24 June 2014
Enjoy the new Mockingjay Part 1 teaser trailer: President Snow addresses the districts - with
Peeta by his side!
25 June 2014
Today is Matthew Lewis's birthday!  

He played Neville Longbottom for 10 years and now he's 25!  

Here's a recent picture of him with Tom Felton.  They went golfing together.

Happy Birthday, Matt!
27 June 2014
RGW's cousin's wedding...
28 June 2014
Happy Independence Day, America!
4 July 2014
Sending much love to Britain today.  This is the ninth anniversary of the bombings.

On a brighter note, both Emma and Jennifer were at the Christian Dior Fashion Week show
earlier today in Paris.
7 July 2014
Today is the opening of Diagon Alley in Universal Orlando and I am so jealous it hurts!  I just
want to drink a butterbeer and wave a wand around without looking out of place - is that too
much to ask!?  Hope all the lucky rat bastards who are there are having fun and choke on a
chicken finger.  Lol.  Not really.

Rowling wrote a gossip column as Rita Skeeter about Harry, Ron & Hermione and their bad hair
and posted it to Pottermore, you can read the summary

Emma Watson was named
UN Women's Ambassador and will help promote gender equality.

Here are some additional photos from the Dior event (the last three are from the Valli show):
8 July 2014
Mockingjay Part I - Teaser Trailer 2 is out today!
9 July 2014
New trailer for Ghosts of the Pacific - a true story survival tale from WWII, starring Tom Felton
& Jake Abel from the
Percy Jackson movies.
16 July 2014
Updates:  New Trailers for Mockingjay Part 1 and The Maze Runner have been released.  
President Snow won best villain at the Teen Choice Awards and the fans have him the three
finger salute.  

We were favorited on
Twitter by Sophie Sumner, winner of America's Next Top Model and
bestie to Emma Watson.

Emma protested a Turkish minister's idiotic statement about women laughing in public by
laughing in public.

The official best thing that has ever happened on earth has been aired on television!  Check out
The Quest on Thursday on ABC.  It's awesome!  Every nerd's dream come true.  Living the

Aaannnnddd...we are now over 2000 followers strong on Twitter!  Woot! Woot!  And thanks to
all of you!  =D
11 August 2014
So proud of Emma and just wanted to say thank you to her for really standing up and being a
role model.  It's like she took the words right out of my head and said them on a world stage
and got millions of people to listen and respect.  Love her.   Support her.   So eloquent.  Way to
go, Emma!

If not us, who?  If not now, when?

Go support the
HeForShe Campaign.  Learn more here.
14 October 2014
24 October 2014
Happy New Year, everyone!  

Sorry for the lack of activity.  We've been dealing with some technical difficulties with the
program we use to update this site, I had surgery and RGW literally just had twins!  Just wanted
to let you know that we still love you.  And thanks for sticking with us!

You can always check our twitter feed for the latest from us.  
7 January 2015
Emma is at it yet again.  First with another empowering speech for UN Women's HeForShe
campaign.  This time launching the new Impact10x10x10 in Switzerland.  Watch here:

She also just announced on her
Facebook page that she'll be playing Belle in Disney's new
live-action remake of
Beauty and the Beast!  This being one of our most favorite of Disney
movies, we're very excited!  Here are some more articles about it.

Disney.com                                          IMDB

Congratulations, Emma!  We're very proud of you!
26 January 2015
Happy Birthday, Danielle!

A very special thank you to our 52 Facebook likers and our 2500 Twitter followers!  You guys
are awesome!

In other nerd news, Felicity Jones (big news this year for playing Mrs. Hawking in The T
heory of
) has been cast in the lead role in the new Star Wars spin-off movie.  While I'm totally
fine with Brits playing everything, are we no longer hiring American actors for things?

The American pride side of me is annoyed, but then my ears which rather fancy the fancy-pants
British accent is very happy.  Ah me, such a dilemma!
5 February 2015
Some genius on the Internet decided to put together all of Snape's scenes into one chronological
thread.  You can truly see the beauty of his storyline.  Epically sad - so sad it'll make you forget
all about Harry.  Check it out

Another pretty clever blogger made a list of 21 times the Potter book series was smarter than
most people.  You can read that

There's a Hunger Games
Exhibition on its way to NYC this year at the Discovery Times Square
place they had the HP Exhibit.

To promote his new film,
Ghosts of the Pacific/Against the Sun, Tom Felton asked his fans to
take this
Buzzfeed test and tell him how long they'd survive in the wild!  

We took it and shockingly got six months - but I think it's really more like six minutes.
16 February 2015